Portland, Oregon

Meet our friends: MADRE, the Portland-based home essentials brand behind our one-of-a-kind collection of linen napkins inspired by boundary-pushing women in TV and film.


As mothers of their own, Co-Founders Shay Carrillo and Jeanie Kirk describe MADRE as a feminist brand. MADRE honors the simple and necessary delights of food and rest, offering linen home essentials from tabletop and kitchen goods to bedding and apparel.  


Upon learning about MADRE, we admired Shay and Jeanie's vision of centering on women, food, rest, family, and community, leading us to approach them to create something special just for us. 


Madres on Screen, our collection of linen napkins in collaboration with MADRE brings the women who nurtured us on screen around your table. The collection features five limited-edition sets of four napkins crafted in a brown gingham featuring vibrant trims inspired by women on the big and small screen, each chosen by MADRE Co-Founders Shay and Jeanie and Little Goodies Co-Founders Danny and Phil. 


The women featured in the collection include Endora, the glamorous and charming mother from "Bewitched"; Manuela, the determined and grieving mother from the film "Todo Sobre Mi Madre" by celebrated filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar; Deanna from Star Trek: The Next Generation, known for her extraordinary power of radical empathy; and Jeannie, the witty and mischievous genie from "I Dream of Jeannie." These women aren’t just characters; they’re living reflections of us.


Every MADRE napkin is made of 100% linen grown in Belgium and woven in a Lithuanian mill that runs on green energy. In addition, the fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, with each piece designed and sewn in Portland, Oregon.


MADRE’S Commitment: MADRE is a feminist brand committed to embodying our aspirations for a feminine economy. Madre believes we are mutually indebted to each other and our one true madre: MAMA EARTH. Therefore, Madre commits to you, to ourselves, and to the plants, lands, and waters to embrace the obligation of our core values: integrity, honesty, transparency, collaboration, and radical inclusivity.