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Fascinated by old and new, Little Goodies creates and sources original and vintage art and collectibles.

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About Us

Meet: Good People

What we create isn't just about a few of us, but all of us.

Good People showcases one-of-a-kind collectibles rooted in our stories and created in close collaboration with an evolving family of artists, makers, and brands we admire.

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The Mugg Collection

Meet KETCHUPSTAIN, the multidisciplinary studio by artist Kristen Stain behind The Mugg Collection, a collection of twenty one-of-a-kind ceramic vases exclusive to Little Goodies and inspired by ancestry, beauty, and identity.

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Madres on Screen

Meet our friends: MADRE, the Portland-based home essentials brand behind our one-of-a-kind collection of linen napkins inspired by boundary-pushing women in TV and film.

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Candy and Cartoons

In collaboration with artist Janie Korn, our dreamy collection of candle sculptures looks back at the carefree days of eating candy and watching cartoons.

The collection comes to life referencing some of our favorite candies growing up, along with cartoons we all know and love, from Looney Tunes to 1930s cartoons by Fleischer Studios.

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Wild Adventures

Multi-disciplinary artist Laura Chautin reminisces with us about the seemingly endless days of playing outside with a beautiful collection of porcelain ceramics inspired by our sweet adventures out in the wild.

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Places From Above

A one-of-a-kind collection of quilts in collaboration with Toronto-based artist Justin Yong comes to life through an aerial exploration of places and travel that have shaped us.

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Blooming Roots

A collection of vases and planters by artist Justin Kiene, known for his otherworldly ceramics, connects us deeper to our roots through mesmerizing florals found on opposite ends of the equator.

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Peace, Love, and Snacks

A nod to peace, love, and the Asian and Latino snacks we grew up eating featuring colorful handknit beanies by artist Bailey Goldberg known for his intriguing knitwear.

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Lost & Found

Discovered goodies brought back to life, thoughtfully chosen and sourced by us from a range of design styles and eras.

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About Us

Read more about us, why our shop exists, and what we’re setting out to do.

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