Bailey Goldberg

New York

Meet our friend: Bailey Goldberg, the New York-based artist behind our one-of-a-kind collection of beanies.


Known for his motifs, from peace signs and hearts to spirals and butterflies, Bailey creates handmade knitwear with pleasant, unexpected surprises. Every piece is handmade by him in Brooklyn.


Peace, Love, and Snacks, our limited-edition collection of beanies, is inspired by peace, love, and, well, snacks. Like many other kids of immigrants, one of the few snapshots into LG Co-Founder Danny's roots were the snacks found at the Asian and Latino grocery stores he would visit with his parents as a kid. While it was hard to feel proud of snacks that felt like no one else around you was eating, these foods have now become a unique sense of pride for him. This collection harnesses and celebrates this pride, incorporating the colors of the bright packaging featured throughout the beanies.


Each beanie is named after a snack and is exclusive to Little Goodies. Some favorite snacks featured include Inca Cola, Mae Ploy chili sauce, Duvalín cream, Taro Spicy Fish Strips, Yakult Yogurt Drink, Horchata, and Haw Flakes wafers. Mmm, now we’re hungry.