About Us

Little Goodies, founded by Danny Jestakom and Phil Fry, takes cues from our early years, intrigued by the uninhibited creativity and imagination we had and explored as kids. It’s a spirit we’re unleashing in our products and community, all in close collaboration with incredible people. 

All one-of-a-kind and only available under our roof, each item is a study and celebration of moments in time captured in our minds and memory. Rooted in bringing visibility to all of our experiences - people, community, and nostalgia bring our creations alive. 

Growing up, finding reflections of our curiosity, background, and interests didn’t feel common or easy.

Danny, raised in Virginia by immigrant parents from El Salvador and Thailand, developed a curiosity for design and felt most at home while exploring the virtual worlds of video and computer games and roaming the colorful aisles of the local Latino and Asian grocery stores. 

In rural Illinois and north-eastern Ontario, Phil’s curiosity for something that resembled Mary Tyler Moore’s life on TV was satisfied by library books, creative writing in high school, and browsing the web during its early days. 

As a queer, BIPOC-owned business, Little Goodies is about creating that space yearned by our younger selves. 

With backgrounds in public relations and brand management, we’re launching a brand and shop of our own focused on sharing and bringing our experiences together.

There’s space for all of us at Little Goodies. Come over. Make yourself at home.

Contact Us

Got a question about our goodies? Get in touch with us. Text or e-mail us. Fill out the form on the right with your info and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. ♥︎