Mitra Kim

Los Angeles

Meet Our Friend: Mitra Kim, a baker based in Los Angeles who specializes in custom cakes and vegan pastries. We collaborated with Mitra to create a custom cake inspired by a Japanese dome house in celebration of our shop launch. When we reached out to her about a custom cake for our launch, we shared that we wanted a cake representing the inviting and introspective world of Little Goodies we were building for our shoppers. Mitra brought this vision to life with her signature approach, creating a bright orange dome house cake with vines growing all around the sides of the foundation, bright green doors, a pebblestone entrance, and our favorite part: a little skylight at the top that brings it all together.


More About Mitra: Mitra is a self-taught vegan pastry chef based in Los Angeles. Her pastries are on permanent rotation at Slammers Café at Braindead Studios in LA, and she creates custom cakes by commission.


As shared with Wastoids in July 2022, Mitra cited "David LebovitzAlice Waters, and David Hockney's use of colors as big inspirations for her work in the kitchen. "I want things to be delicious but also visually stunning, not just functional. I hope those who engage with my products can feel the thought that goes into them." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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