Justin Yong


Meet our friend: Justin Yong, the Toronto-based artist behind our collection of one-of-a-kind quilts. When we first came across his work, Justin's talent for creating unique compositions leveraging colors and shapes stood out the most. Upon digging deeper into his work, we found that many of his beautifully detailed quilts felt reminiscent of aerial views of landscapes from above. This initial observation ultimately inspired us to approach Justin to collaborate to create something special.

Places from Above is a collection of one-of-a-kind quilts inspired by the travels and places that have shaped us. Justin and Co-Founder Danny chose three places that have made a mark on them, from Thailand and Ontario to El Salvador and Yangshuo, China. Every quilt was designed and sewn by Justin in his studio and is only available here.


About Justin and his work: Justin decided to take quilting up as a new hobby early in the pandemic. Since then, he has created quilts as part of special commissions and for friends of friends, which is how it all kicked off. Known for his detailed, colorful, and geometric compositions, Justin's work has appeared in Sharp Magazine, Toronto Life, and House and Home magazine.