Justin Kiene


Meet our friend: Justin Kiene, the Oakland-based artist behind our one-of-a-kind collection of ceramic vases and planters inspired by our roots.


We immediately took to Justin's otherworldly take on ceramics, admiring his use of color, texture, and proportion featured throughout his work.


For Danny, Co-Founder of Little Goodies, who was born and raised in Virginia in the 1990s to immigrant parents from El Salvador and Thailand, his roots have been an ongoing exploration. Blooming Roots, our collection of ceramic vases and planters in collaboration with Justin, is an exploration and celebration of these roots, inspired by flora from the native lands of his parents.


The Árbol de Fuego from El Salvador, a flower seen shining bright in the countryside in the summer, and the Rafflesia from Thailand, the largest flower in the world, were chosen as symbols and vehicles for exploring his roots and ancestry. The result is a collection of ceramics showcasing the bright colors and unique beauty of these blooms.


Every piece is hand-made in Justin's studio in Oakland and is exclusive to Little Goodies.